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What are the Top 10 Candies From the 1940s ?

What are the Top 10 Candies From the 1940s ?

Top 10 Candies From the 1940s

American Candy, British & Worldwide 

Candy Manufactures like m&m , Mars, Hershey were on a all out Candy Battle. It was full of spies, espionage and intense Drama . Competition meant the tastiest Candy. Value in the 40s was ALOT diffrent than today. For some a choclate bar was a whole meal. I mean what else could you get for 5 cents! 

Best Candy from the 40s

Candy’s from the 40s

1940's Life was INCREDIBLE ! Facing a new Decade of change there one thing for sure. Candy from the 1940s is incredible. 

Top 10 Candies from the 1940s

#1 1941 M&M's 


These little candies have a very colorful origin story. During the First Spanish Civil war, Forest Mars Sr., son of the inventor of the Milky Way, witnessed soldiers eating small chocolate beads covered in hard sugar shells and was inspired. Chocolate sales typically dropped during the summer when temperatures rose because of Melting and Mars was excited at the idea of inventing a product that wouldn't melt. This was innovation ! He and Bruce Murrie, son of Hershey executive William Murrie, joined together to create the original M&M's (Mars + Murrie = M&M).

In 1941, Mars received a special patent for his product and began mass-producing the little chocolate in Newark, NJ. They were originally sold in tubes and shelled in brown, red, orange, yellow, green, and violet coatings and only available to soldiers in the war. The candies were first stamped with a black "M" in 1950, which later changed to the white "M" we know and love today in 1954.


1945: Tootsie Rolls - Rationed during WWII

Tootsie Rolls were invented in 1896 and sold for a penny each. During World War II — from 1942 to 1945 — they were sent overseas to soldiers as rations and to provide "quick energy." By 1945, the chocolate taffy chews had become very popular with regular citizens and were even advertised in comic books.


Almond Joy 

While its partner candy bar Mounds has been around for almost a century, Almond Joy didn't join the game until a little later. While Mounds were already becoming a classic among Americans, the demand for milk chocolate was increasing steadily, leading to the development of the Almond Joy candy bar.


Junior Mints 

With a creamy mint filling covered in a chocolate shell, Junior Mints were named after a popular Broadway show, Junior Miss, that was on stages in the 1940s. Today, over 15 million Junior Mints are produced each day in Cambridge, MA.

#5 Smarties 

Edward "Eddie" Dee, an English immigrant, moved to New Jersey in 1949 and founded Ce De Candy, Inc. From there, he began to create the candy wafer rolls we all know and love today. Today, Smarties are made 24 a day in factories in both Union, NJ and Newmarket, Ontario.

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