Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cupcake Paradise have Cupcakes, Cake jars, Cookies ready everyday for walk-ins?
Yes. we have a range of cupcake, cookies, Cake jars, Coffee and Milkshakes available foe walk-ins Monday - Saturday 10 am - 8 pm
Can I order Online?
 Yes. Cupcake Paradise Cupcakes, Cake jars, Cookies can be ordered online for pickup/delivery
Can I Pick up in store?
Yes. You can order online and schedule your Pick-up in store
How do I order from Earthy Gut
- Select your favorite flavors and add them to your cart.
- Enter the Shipping address, billing address and confirm payment.
- That's it! Our Ovens and Spatulas are waiting to be put to work!
Can I order from outside Canada ?
Yes. We accept multiple currencies
- YOUR ADDRESS as Billing Address
- THEIR ADDRESS as Shipping Address

Your Gift Experience will be fully taking care of.

Can I Order from United Arab Emirates gift for Canada, or a Gift or something for Myself ?
Yes we Ship Worldwide.

What Credit Cards do you Accept?
Almost all of them! GET those Rewards ! Enjoy . Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Master card,  Shop Pay, Interac etc

What Countries do you ship to?
We ship from Canada to Canada and USA and Worldwide

Product Questions

What Size are the Cupcake Jars
They are 200ml glass Jars filled with 2 Cupcakes.

Is the Cake pre-made?
The Cake is pre-made. You can dig right in and eat it.

How long do the Jars Last? How to store them?


The Jars can be stored in the fridge for 6-7 days. In the freezer for 4 months.

Are the Cupcake Jars made fresh?
The Cupcake Jars are made fresh for every Order

What are the ingredients?
Cupcake Paradise Jars contains only the highest-quality ingredients including:

Original Jars
Water, Olive Oil, Sugar, Unbleached Flour, Pea protein, Cocoa Powder, Real Canadian Butter, Chocolate(soy lecithin), Baking Powder, Salt, Baking Soda, Sprinkles, Fruits, Vanilla flavoring

Vegan Jars
Water, Olive Oil, Sugar, Unbleached Flour, Pea protein, Cocoa Powder, Vegan Butter, Baking Powder, Salt, Baking Soda, Sprinkles, Fruits, Vanilla flavoring

Gluten-free vegan Jars
Water, Olive Oil, Sugar, White rice flour, Oat flour, Potato starch, tapioca starch, xanthan gum , Pea protein, Cocoa Powder, Vegan Butter( not soy based ), Chocolate(soy lecithin), Baking Powder, Salt, Baking Soda, Sprinkles, Fruits, Vanilla flavoring


What can I expect from the Cupcake Paradise Cupcake Jars?



You can expect a delicious moist cake with creamy and fluffy frosting. Everything made fresh from scratch. No additives. Only Love
What makes Cupcake Paradise different from other Cupcakes?

Will Cupcake Paradise leave my mouth over sweet at all?


No. Earthy Gut Cupcake Jars are made to leave your mouth flavorful and your heart satiated without causing any ill effects when consumed in moderation.  Everyone says we are less sweet than other options, but way more moist, tasty, and delicious! Its Quality that counts! We aren't in the Quantity Business. We use the best Quality.
What makes Cupcake Paradise so luxurious?

What makes your Vegan Buttercream so special ? 


Well it was very, very, very difficult to make something natural, and delicious. It took innumerate trials. Our Innovative Vegan Buttercream is the best in the World. It can only get better ! Vegan Fans UNITE! This ones a WIN for the whole family. And probably we whip it for over 1.5 hours. :) 

Do you accept returns of Glass Jars?


We currently do not have a Up or recycle program for the Glass Jars as Canada has a great Glass Recycling Program . Feel Free to reuse them DIY for anything or keep it for spices. Up to you :) 

What do we want to achieve?


Our Respect to everyone, and gratitude for the chance to delight , while making sure Earth is Clean, and the Quality of the End Product is perfect.


When do they get shipped after order is placed?

All the Cupcake Jar orders are shipped in 1-3 business days after order is placed

Can individual Jars be shipped to multiple locations?

Yes, we can ship the Jars to any Location across Canada and USA

What Countries do you ship to?

We ship mainly to Canada and USA. Worldwide possibility100%

Corporate Orders/ Bulk orders

Does Earthy Gut do big Corporate orders?

Yes. We can accommodate orders for over 1000 Jars. No Problem


What is the lead time for Big Orders

Preferable 4-5 weeks, but please contact us ASAP. We can make it happen for you.

Can we customize the Jars