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Shipping Worldwide | A New Experience

Request USA Import to Canada wholesale Order

We can import Any Food, Candy, Snacks, from the usa .

Contact us to let us know what candy, snacks or dribks, dips, chips rare goods from the usa.

We will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will ship or have your order ready for pick up.

Our shipping cost is the lowest in the industry, 

We are the only wholesale business that oeprates 7 days a week to meet your candy wholesale canada needs. 

Contact us at - 647 770 3894 

Often it can take 2-3 weeks for a large business to get a significant minimum quantity order . That is 3 weeks that you are losing customers due to a lack of fmcg

Earthygut solves the hardest logistical problems in Canada, especially in rural canada.

Our innovative experience, and knowledge of Duties, Taxes and Brokerages gives you a significant advatange.

Find out why businesss that generate over 20 million a year, and small buiness family businsses starting online choose to work with earthygut, because we pritotize your customers needs and wants.

We have countless success stories of Grocery Stores, Conveinces sotes, and online stores all over usa, canada, and europe.

We also handle custom export brokerage with multiple carriers to meet your needs. 

We also export Canadian products to usa. 

Exquisite Beauty

Artisian Baker Unnati creates Magical Gifts. No Compromise. Ever

Local Toronto Delivery

Shipping Canada Wide to Your Doorstep as well! We are here to Serve you and help with any Gift

Naturally Quality

Our Cupcakes and Cookies use non-hydrogenated vegetable Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Best Taste, Quality, Edible Art  

Guaranteed to Delight

We Guarantee you will Love the Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cakes