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NEW! The Official TikTok Candy Box - Experience the #1 Candy Box GUARANTEED - Subscription Candy Box

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NEW! The Official TikTok Candy Box - Experience the #1 Candy Box GUARANTEED - Subscription Candy Box

The Rarest Latest Candy , Introducing The Tiktok Candy Box for YOUR CANDY FUN FAMILY 

Why Do You Need This TikTok Box?

Experience the #1 Candy Box GUARANTEED

Unlimited Fun. Anytime. Super Fun Tasty Rare Candy , you cant find these items anywhere else

Your Whole Family will Have More Than Enough to Indulge! Want Even More Items ? Choose the Extra Large Or Extra Extra Large Box !  

 The Official TikTok Candy Box - Candy Will Never Be The Same ! A Variation of these items will be in the Box based on Availability !

Curious about whats Inside ? Scroll Down - No TikTok Candy Box is Ever the Same. Every TikTok Box is Unique & Rare !  

Thank You for Supporting for our Small Family Business 

Every Box comes with a FREE hand Written Note if Requested, just leave a message 

Taste the Most Rewarding Candy, the Ultimate Fun TikTok Box for Adults and Kids! Treat Yourself ! 🍬

🍭 The RAREST Best  Candy, Sweets, Snacks & More- Every Order Comes with a FREE CANDY GIFT  🍭

🔥 HOT STUFF. 🧊 COOL PRICES. Let's Go And Have Fun 

Ships to Your DOORSTEP Fast! Canada , United State & Worldwide 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🌎  

Zero Tax USA (Tax-Free for USA or INTL customers)

USA Orders Get Unique Different RARE UNIQUE CANADIAN CANDY TikTok Candy !

Canadian Orders get RARE American TikTok Famous Candy 

🌎 100% PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING! 100% Biodegradable, Recyclable Sustainable Packaging! ZERO PLASTIC ! 🌎 LETS SAVE MOTHER EARTH TOGETHER  

❤️WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICE, THE MOST VALUE, & THE BIGGEST HEARTS ! Join the EarthyGut Family ! We want all Families to SAVE BIG ! & HAVE FUN !❤️



What Comes In My Ultra Rare TikTok Candy Box ?

Way over $65 in RARE VALUE! Over 11 + Items ! Everyone including Kids are Delighted ! A Variation of these items will be in the Box based on Availability. 

 ULTRA RARE - You are GUARANTEED 1 Brain Licker on every Order . ($13.95 value) 

ULTRA RARE - Juicy Drop Gummi Dip n Stix ( $8 Value)

ULTRA RARE - Trolli Planet Earth Gummi (Imported from Germany) ($3.50 Value) 

ULTRA RARE - Ooze Tube ($5 Value)


RARE - Sneaky Stardust  ($4 Value)

RARE - Nerds Gummy Clusters ($6 Value)

RARE - Takis ($4 Value)

ULTRA RARE - Cheetos Mac N Cheese ($6 Value)

RARE - Imported Haribo ($5 Value)

RARE - Imported Trolli ($5 Value)

RARE - Nerds Rope ($2.50 Value)

RARE - efrutti Gummi Pizza ($2.00 Value) 

RARE - Nik L Nip Wax Candy ($4.00 Value)

THE RAREST GIFT OF ALL - Significant Portion has Proceeds of every Tik Tok Candy Box is donated to Help Feed People, Kids, Families Anyone Facing Food Insecurity in our Local Canada and America Communities, & Sick Kids Hospital & Much Much More ! 

& Much, Much More ! 

**There will be a Variation of Items and slight changes on availability this box is full of Delight 


11+ Candy - Medium TikTok Candy Box Gift (Over $65 in Value

20+ Candy - Extra Large -TikTok Candy Box Gift (over $90 in Value )

30+ Candy - Extra Extra Large (over $130 Value)

Want to Send a Candy Box Gift  ?? Enter The Gift Recipient Shipping Address, and Use Your Billing Address  

🇨🇦 ❤️🌟❤️ YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER ! A Portion of Every Candy Subscription Box will have proceeds Donated to People Facing Food Insecruity. Together we can make a difference. We are also donating to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto as we reach the 10,000 Box Goal! Plus we will also help Local Food Charites in your area in canada and usa to Help those in Need. For example, 1/5 Household in Toronto have food Insecurity. Together we can give back and make a difference. ❤️🌟❤️ 

$600 + Total Donated So Far 


>  tenant-run West Lodge Food Bank 


> Multiple Families In Canada Across All Provinces

> NL 



 *In the Future we hope to Donate to a Hospital near to you, we may even distribute Toys & Gifts Around Canada! We can do it Together Canada, USA & Worldwide !  



Ships FAST from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 1115 Castlefield Ave

 Earthygut offers you Fast Expedited Tracked Shipping to the USA for less than $13 and Canada Shipping Starting at only $9.00! This is a BARGAIN AND HUGE SAVINGS FOR YOUR FAMILY ! NO TAX FOR USA CUSTOMERS & WORLDWIDE. 

**If You or Your Child has ANY ALLERGENS Including Peanuts or Gluten, or Dairy, please let us know in the notes and we will make a CUSTOM PEANUT FREE Candy Box, something suitable and fun ! We are here to help.  *Peanut Free Candy , Gluten Free Candy Available . We can Also make a Vegan candy Box . We also have Kosher Candy and Halal candy Boxes. We can also ensure your box is vegetarian candy, Egg Free, or vegan candy if required. Leave a Note Or Call Us

We are here to help make you happy ! 

A Variation of these items will be in the Box based on Availability. 

Exquisite Beauty

Artisian Baker Unnati creates Magical Gifts. No Compromise. Ever

Local Toronto Delivery

Shipping Canada Wide to Your Doorstep as well! We are here to Serve you and help with any Gift

Naturally Quality

Our Cupcakes and Cookies use non-hydrogenated vegetable Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Best Taste, Quality, Edible Art  

Guaranteed to Delight

We Guarantee you will Love the Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cakes