Cookies & Cupcake Jars Ships 🇨🇦 Canada Wide Doorstep Delivery


Q: Can I Send a GIFT from Another Country ? 

A: YES! You can even use your own Currency, and NO TAX, if you do get charged tax we refund it. If you are Located in the U.S.A, The Asia's, Europe, Middle East please Let us know if you need ANY HELP, and YES you can order and send a gift for your loved ones or friends.

Here's how, simply add items to cart. Choose Shipping for cookies or cupcakes in a jar, or delivery for cakes, cupcakes , and anything else. Use your Billing Address, and the Gift recipients Shipping Address. Yes its that easy to Share the Gift of Joy 

Q: What makes Earthy gut Different? 

A: Our Respect to everyone, and gratitude for the chance to delight , while making sure Earth is Clean, and the Quality of the End Product is perfect.

By Perfect we mean you feel GREAT after, Delighted , and Happy . Thats  Quality Without Any Compromise . 

Q: Are your products NUT FREE or contain Allergens?

A: Yes they do but one day well have 100% Nut Free Certified Options, because we want all families to Enjoy.

Q: Do you accept returns of Glass Jars?

A: We currently do not have a Up or recycle program for the Glass Jars as Canada has a great Glass Recycling Program . Feel Free to reuse them DIY for anything or keep it for spices. Up to you :) 

Q: What makes your Vegan Buttercream so special ?

A: Well it was very, very, very hard to make something Natural, and Delicious.It Took many trials. Our Innovative Vegan Buttercream is the best in the World. It can only get better ! Vegan Fans UNITE! This ones a WIN for the whole Family. 

Q: How do I eat the Vegan Cupcakes?

A: Keep them in the Fridge, and take them out before serving. Vegan Buttercream does not Harden. It is Heat Sensitive, but Dont worry in Fall/Winter :) 


Q: How Do I store Your Cookies or Cupcakes ?

A: WOW great Question! Actually Our customers around Canada taught us! Lets do what they do ! First order your favorite assortment, and store the cupcakes, cupcakes in a jar in the fridge. itll be good for a week. no issues! You can also freeze it, dont forget to keep it airtight to prevent freezerburn.

Q: How sweet are your baked goods?

A: Everyone says we are less sweet than other options, but way more moist, tasty, and delicious! Its Quality that counts! We aren't in the Quantity Business. We use the best Quality. 


Exquisite Beauty

Artisian Baker Unnati creates Magical Gifts. No Compromise. Ever

Local Toronto Delivery

Shipping Canada Wide to Your Doorstep as well! We are here to Serve you and help with any Gift

Naturally Quality

Our Cupcakes and Cookies use non-hydrogenated vegetable Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Best Taste, Quality, Edible Art  

Guaranteed to Delight

We Guarantee you will Love the Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cakes