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Vision, Values, Our Heart Approach with Integrity

A Win/Win Integrity Based Business to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE
The Better our company does, the better we can take care of our employees, The more we create the more we can give to Canada, and the World, the better products and services we have, the more everyone will support the company, the more we can support the Canadian and World Economy, the better earth will support us.  The more we can support our Families to help everyone support their families , we can help support our communities and all our families. 
Earthygut a Earth Approach 
About Us
Welcome to EarthyGut
We do hope you Find your Favourite Flavours of Cupcakes, Cakes, and
We make the Most Beautiful, Tasty, Delicious Cupcakes.
Our Cake Layers are made Fresh the Day before and never Frozen. 
All our baked Goods require time and Patience, to create The Art, Experience, and Joy you will have We PROMISE YOU 
Our Vegan Cupcake is already known has legendary, through a process of devotion of 11 months experimentation we created the most natural egg replacement. Our Vegan cupcake is so good some people cant even tell the difference  
                                    The Roadmap of EarthyGut
                                   Feed 100,000 People Per Day 


~ EarthyGut only has one Qualified Artisan Artist that creates and bakes our cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, in such a Unique, Professional Way , you will be able to tell all the love they are made with.

~ We only use the Most Expensive Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy which happens to be a very light in taste yet quality ingredient , in our Cupcakes, and Cakes. 

~ EarthyGut only use Callebaut Dark Chocolate In our cupcakes and cakes Our Ratio and blend is backed by 20 or more years of learned buttercream experience . We use semi sweet Chocolate in our Cookies. 

~ EarthyGut does not use Hydrogenated Oils/Fats to make our cupcakes or cakes buttercreams. 

~ Our Vegan cupcakes do not have any Hydrogenated Oils 


Business Accomplishments for the Community and World to Date 


 ✔️ EarthyGut has been 100% Plastic FREE for over 1 year

✔️ Recurring Donations  as we grow to feed local people at Food Banks

✔️ Minimal Waste High Efficiency Business , for example all of our boxes we use are re used from our business purchase of high quality ingredients

✔️ Minimal Waste Business under 10% 

✔️ Devotion to High Quality

✔️ State of the Art Process of Humidity Control for Dust, Clean Environment Control and Space Interactions

✔️ Thousands of Happy Friends

✔️ EarthyGut is Free of preference, we have both Chocolate and Vanilla . Its simply a choice 

✔️ Simple Efficient Distribution

✔️ Customer Communication, we want to Text, and Call and talk to you. We want to get your Cake Design perfect, We want to stay up to 3 am to make your perfect expression. We want to be here for you for your perfect cupcake, and cake. 

✔️ EarthyGut is a Ontario Registed GST/HST Business  

 ✔️ Easy to Order 


Exquisite Beauty

Artisian Baker Unnati creates Magical Gifts. No Compromise. Ever

Local Toronto Delivery

Shipping Canada Wide to Your Doorstep as well! 

Naturally Quality

EarthyGut doesn't use any hydrogenated oils. The Best Taste, Edible Art ! 

Guarantee to Delight

We Guarantee you will Love the cookies, cupcakes, and cakes