My Vegan Cookies are Flat ? How To Fix ANY KITCHEN RECIPIE DISASTER

So maybe you are an expert Baker and randomly the DELICIOUS vegan Cookies you Baked came super FLAT. Or maybe its your First time Baking and the Cookies wont grow! 

IT'S OKAY! Earthygut has an Innovative Research & Design Department that is here to help from our Thousands of Hours of Baking Experience and Learning about our Favorite Fun Hobby, or Profession !

Ok so lets talk BAKING ! 

#1 The first Reason your Cookies could have came out FLAT is because the Ambient Room Temperature is TOO COLD or TOO HOT! You must Create the Perfect Conditions for Baking! 

That means a good normal level of Humidity & 19c-25c range in the Room. Now lets be honest even the Timing of the Oven Door opening has its importance, and you must Ensure Good Safety and Keep the Cookies Stable.

#2 The Ratio of Flour, Fat & the other Ingredients need Adjustment! 

ah Baking! The Order of the Mixing & Effort & Quantity of Ingredients is important.

Try to check if you Added Too much Vegan Butter, We know how much you Love Butter but cookies need a Perfect Ratio or they end up goopy like a crepe! 

Anyone Can Bake! Even Professionals Make mistakes(more often than we may admit) but ANYONE can Bake & Create something Tasty & Beautiful!

Have Fun & Share, Enjoy ! 


Bon Apetit :) 

THE RECIPIE & the Baker Create something AMAZING! Try something new soon :) or enjoy a Classic Fav