Corporate Gift Cake Jars for 1-1000+ People

Earthy gut makes any moment even more special, we can help you and easily send you and organize over 1000 Cake Jars if needed. 

Everyone is ordering Cake Jars for the whole team, friends, and family !

Every Cake Jars in Shipped to Each Team Members Home in TIME for everyone to enjoy TOGETHER ! 

Perfect gift for all your colleagues , with original vegan and gluten free options for different dietary requirements. 

Our Cake Jars are handmade, an experience everyone will remember. 

We make custom cards as well to meet your needs that match your Brand. 

We will make Your experience, Your Brand and Culture BEAUTIFUL .

Find out why businesses have a great time with Earthy Gut.

We save you tons of time, we meet the needs of your customers.  


Earthy Gut is fully equipped to fulfill large orders!

They can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA. Kindly fill in the form with all the details and we will get back to you. 

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