7 Reasons Why Everyone is Gifting and Enjoying Cupcake Paradise Cupcake Jars

#1 Incredible Quality and Taste 


#2 No Plastic Packaging 


#3 Dietary Options Original Vegan Gluten Free


#4 Easy to Gift 


#5 Corporate Orders for 1 - 50,000


#6 Treat Your Family, from Our Family at Earthygut 


#7 Delivery to your Doorstep

Custom Logo Cupcakes

Minimum 12 cupcakes

Available in Original, Vegan, Gluten-free vegan

Cupcakes can be

- Assorted Flavors

- Assorted Colors

- Chocolate lover / Vanilla Sprinkle

Custom Logo Cookies

Minimum 12

Available in Original, Vegan and Gluten-free vegan

- Assorted Flavors

- Assorted Colors