About Us - Cupcake Paradise

Cupcake Paradise is a bakery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada founded on Passion, Beauty, Taste & Delight for everyone.

We Believe When Everyone Enjoy's Dessert it Should Be the Best Taste , and You Should be Delighted ! 

Our Options Include Original Butter, Vegan and Gluten Free Vegan Products for Everyone ! 

Our Mission is to Provide Excellence with the Finest Service & Quality

Time Line:


2019 - Earthy Gut Founded with a Vision of being 100% Plastic Free , and Being as Natural and Good For You 

Earthygut quickly added Original, Vegan, And Gluten Free Options to meet customers demand. 

2020: Demand for Innovative Delivery Solutions without any Minimums Was Solved. We delivered as little as 50 M away to 150 kms, and Shipped Across Canada and USA 

Innovative Solution for Shipping Jars Across Canada So anyone Can Enjoy Cake in a Jar Anytime.

2021: Cupcake Paradise is Contacted by Worlds Largest Luxury Group Louis Vuitton, and Several other corporations. Corporate Orders that are Fully Custom Take Place with SAME DAY DELIVERY to over 200 people in multiple locations. 

Our Guest Continue to Love and Share the Joy Cupcake Paradise Offers From its Fresh Baked Goods 

Cupcake Paradise Donates a Record Amount from the Support of Our Guests, a Significant Portion 

2022: Cupcake Paradise Rebrand 

We Launch Affordable Cakes With the Same Quality and Ingredients From the Scale and Support of our Guests

Cupcake Paradise Expands, the Team Grows with New Associates and the Business Prospers Meeting Several Objectives 

Cupcake Paradise Launches New Flavour's of the Week - Limited Edition Flavour's 

Cupcake Paradise Adds New Customizations, Toppers, Website Functions and More

Cupcake Paradise Launches Cookies in 3 Dietary Needs

Cupcake Paradise Launches Milkshakes

2023: Cupcake Paradise Celebrates two years in Feburary



Road Map To The Future 


2023:Delight our Guests

2024:Delight our Guests

2025:Delight our Guests

2026:Delight our Guests

2027:Delight our Guests

2028 :Delight our Guests

2029: Delight our Guests

2030: Delight our Guests

2031: Delight our Guests

2032: Delight our Guests

2033: Delight our Guests




Our Mission is to Provide Excellence with the Finest Service & Quality

We Offer something Delicious for almost everyone! 


Grateful and Many Thanks to all our loyal friends, and family, mentors, and more!

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