Q: Can I order Online? 

A: Yes you can order anything online for pickup, delivery or Shipping across Canada, USA, and Worldwide. Items like cakes, and some options might be sold out pre order ahead for everything you need for a perfect treat ! 

Q: Can I order from MY COUNTRY and Send to Friends or Family a Gift for Canada

A: Yes we accept Several Currencies , Put The Shipping Address as theirs  & Billing as YOURS . Your Gift Experience will be fully taking care of, Including Shipping or Delivery & A Beautiful Hand written Message 


Q: Where do You Ship ? 

A: Worldwide 

Q: Is there Cookies and Cupcakes at the store to go?

A: Yes there is several Original, Vegan And Vegan Gluten Free options.

A: We Ship Canada Wide, U.S.A and Worldwide. In Canada you can choose both Canadapost and Fedex. U.S.A Also has Canada Post and FedEx Options. 

Q: How much of the cake is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

A: The Entire Base. The Base is super moist, and we use the best Quality from Italy. ALOT! 

Q: How Sweet are your Goods ? 

A: We Only Use "royal Icing" we make for our cookies, and our our Buttercream. Our Sweets are a little less sweet tasting than possibly what you are used to and that's a good thing. They still do contain lots of Sugar and it is a Dessert and Treat ! A Healthy Balanced Lifestyle is Key. 

Q: Can I Send a GIFT from Another Country ? 

A: YES! You can even use your own Currency, and NO TAX, if you do get charged tax we refund it. If you are Located in the U.S.A, The Asia's, Europe, Middle East please Let us know if you need ANY HELP, We are here to Help Create Incredible Desserts & Delight A Truly amazing Experience  and YES you can order and send a gift for your loved ones or friends anytime.

Here's how, simply add items to cart. Choose Shipping for cookies or cupcakes in a jar, or delivery for cakes, cupcakes , and anything else. Use your Billing Address, and the Gift recipients Shipping Address. Yes its that easy to Share the Gift of Joy 

Q: What makes Cupcake Paradise Different? 

A: Our Respect to everyone, and gratitude for the chance to delight , while making sure Earth is Clean, and the Quality of the End Product is perfect.

By Perfect we mean you feel GREAT after, Delighted , and Happy . That's  Quality Without Any Compromise . 

Q: Are your products NUT FREE or contain Allergens?

A: Yes they do but one day well have 100% Nut Free Certified Options, because we want all families to Enjoy. Our 100% Vegan/Gluten Free products Contain NO Gluten, and our Vegan options are 100% Vegan Animal & dairy free. We do have Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, etc here at this facility. 

Q: How much time Do I need to order ahead ? 

For Cakes we have a emergency order rush option, usually a few days is sufficient. All Cupcakes, cookies, and jars options may not all be in stock at all times and are subject to Availability. Placing an Order online can ensure enough time to create everything for your to Enjoy :).  

Q: Do you accept returns of Glass Jars?

A: We currently do not have a Up or recycle program for the Glass Jars as Canada has a great Glass Recycling Program . Feel Free to reuse them DIY for anything or keep it for spices. Up to you :) 

Q: What makes your Vegan Buttercream so special ?

A: Well it was very, very, very hard to make something Natural, and Delicious.It Took many trials. Our Innovative Vegan Buttercream is the best in the World. It can only get better ! Vegan Fans UNITE! This ones a WIN for the whole Family. And probably we whip it for over 1.5 hours. 




A: Everyone says we are less sweet than other options, but way more moist, tasty, and delicious! Its Quality that counts! We aren't in the Quantity Business. We use the best Quality. 


Q: What Credit Cards do you Accept?

A: Almost all of them! GET those Rewards ! Enjoy . ApplePay, etc 

Q: Do you do Wholesale ORDERS ?

A: Yes we Do . Contact us Today. 

Q: Can I Order from United Arab Emirates gift for Canada, or a Gift or something for Myself ? 

A: Yes we Ship Worldwide, & You can send a Gift to any Friends or Family in Canada we Ship Cookie & Cupcakes  in a Jar , and we also Deliver Cookies, Cakes, Cupcakes, etc