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Earthy Gut

Raspberry Chocolate Cake Jar

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Raspberry Chocolate Cake in a Jar.

Moist and Delicious Chocolate cake topped with raspberry laden Buttercream. Made with real Canadian Butter.


 100% Sustainable, Fairtrade, and traceable Chocolate. Fair to Farmers means our communities and Families are Happy. 

 Almost like a Brownie, but so Moist, and so Tasty. The Best Chocolate Cake ever, The Buttercream is soft and Delicious 

What you will find inside is Far Trade Cocoa from East Africa, and the Highest Quality Chocolate from Belguim.

Its Rich. Its Wealthy. Its everything we dream about when we think Chocolate, so Smooth and Delicious you'll wonder where its been all this time!  


Every EarthyGut Cupcake & Cupcake in a Jar is made with

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Italy

Premium Unbleached Canadian Flour

Baking Powder

Baking Soda


100% High Quality Canadian BUTTER 


Ships Canada wide 

No Artificial Colors.

No Artificial Flavors

Tastes so Delicious ! 

Topped with a Drizzle of Raspberry Jam 

 The Jars can be reused with New Lids for Food Purposes FOREVER, or for FUN DIY Projects ! 100% recyclable  

Ships Canada WIDE !